Other Services

The company provides a full range with environmental audits, including collecting samples with
widely acceptable academic-based techniques and practices

Consulting services for Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

We provide services on consultation and preparation on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports, which follows Supporting and Preserving National Environmental Quality Act No. 2, BE 2561 (2018)  and The announcement of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment B.E. 2019.

Air pollution treatment system


Design and installation an air treatment system and an air duct system to treat particulate, heavy metal, acid mist, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, smoke etc., with appropriate design  for each type of air pollution.

Wastewater Treatment System


  • Design and installation wastewater treatment system to achieve the quality of wastewater according to environmental standards such as Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), Chemical oxygen demand (COD),Total suspended solids (TSS), Total dissolved solids (TDS), Oil and fat (Oil & Grease), heavy metals etc., with suitable design to the industrial plant.
  • Improvement the existing wastewater treatment system (Wastewater system modification) to work efficiently.
  • Consultation and control of the wastewater treatment system by specialists.

Utility water & Drinking water system


  • Design and installation of water quality improvement systems for the use within industrial plants such as installing softener systems for Boiler and Cooling tower.
  • Installation of drinking water systems for industrial plants.