About Us

Health & Envitech Co., Ltd. was established in January, 19th 1996. The company has been registered as a private analytical laboratory, registration number ว-152, specialised in Industrial Hygiene and standardised testing result analysation in laboratories for more than 20 years until nowadays.


The company provides a full range with environmental audits, including collecting samples with widely acceptable academic-based techniques and practices, providing consultations by certified water, air and hazardous waste pollution management supervisors, and analysing results with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredit TESTING-0005 laboratories accredited by the Department of Science Service, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. On August, 28th 2016, the company was awarded with “Laboratory Quality Assurance Reward  ISO/IEC 17025” continuously by the Department of Science Service.

By delivering quality and international standardised services, the company steps towards success and is entrusted by more than 1,000 customer groups widely in different manufacturing industries. Electronics, petroleum, automotive and more groups are continuously being satisfied and are becoming regular customers of  the company’s services. This assures that the company consistently provides satisfaction to our customers to meet their expectations with professionalism according to international standards.


We aim to be a part in creating a healthier environment and society through our accurate and accountable international standard certified services with professionalism and cutting-edge technology that make us the leading environmental auditing company in Thailand and step towards South East Asia.


  1. Meet customer expectations domestically and internationally by providing quality services that comply with standards from assisting with consultations, environmental practices, environmental analysis in laboratories along with methods of delivering accurate and precise analysis reports.
  2. Promote necessary skills and working processes continuously to achieve sustainability development in the future.
  3. Aim to develop corporate norm that has professionalism, neutrality and accountability
  4. Utilise advanced technology and stage-of-the-art analytical processes that obtain accurate and precise results.